Getting Your Car Fixed The Right Way

Preventable Cause Of Transmission Damage

Transmission damage is one of the most feared car issues. Fortunately, most of the things that can damage your car's transmission are preventable. Here are some of the preventable causes of transmission damage. Wrong Transmission Fluid Auto transmission fluids differ in their temperature ranges, durability, viscosity, and oxidation abilities, among other things. Every transmission system is designed to work with specific transmission fluids. Using the wrong transmission fluid can damage your transmission system. Read More 

Why Self-Inflating Tires For Motorists Is A Game-Changer

Self inflating tire technology (SIT) will become an option for motorists who are looking to replace their tires. These tires can be a very convenient option for motorists and can also make driving much safer. While many motorists try to keep their tires inflated, its easy to fall behind and to create dangerous driving conditions as a result. The Importance of Proper Inflation Properly inflated tires are an important part of driver safety. Read More 

Wondering if Your Car Needs Serviced? Learn About These Vehicle Noises & What They Might Mean

Drivers who spend a lot of time in their cars often find that the sounds created by the engine and other moving components quickly become background noise. Instead of paying attention to them, drivers tend to ignore the engine sounds and road noises they have come to know as ordinary. In fact, they may even turn up their stereo to cover them up. Sometimes, however, a new sound will be heard above the other ones that will immediately capture the driver's attention just because it is not a familiar one. Read More 

Full Service Gas Stations: An Icon Of The Classic American Road Trip

Up until the 1970s, most gas stations across the United States offered full-service experiences that would seem downright luxurious by modern standards. They were icons of the American road trip. Sadly, they mostly vanished and were replaced by the boring, practical gas stations you put up with today when filling up your tank. Once upon a Time, Filling Your Tank Was a Special Experience for the Whole Family Back in the day, full service gas stations dotted the American highways. Read More 

2 Things Not To Do When Your Car’s Windshield Is Cracked

If an object struck your windshield while you are driving down the road, the impact may have caused a crack in the glass. While you are deciding what to do about the problem, make sure you do not take the following actions when you have a crack in your car's windshield. 1.  Don't Attempt to Fix It Yourself Using Household Items Especially if the crack does not seem to be too long, you may decide to go online and research ways you can fix the damage yourself. Read More