Getting Your Car Fixed The Right Way

Is There Always An Easy Solution For Suspension Clunks, Clangs, And Bangs?

Your car's suspension is a remarkably complex system with many moving parts. Every bump and jolt in the road places wear on these components, and encounters with potholes or curbs can cause surprising amounts of damage. When part of your suspension is worn or failing, you'll usually know from the unpleasant sounds of metal and metal contact when driving over a bump. If you've noticed these noises with your car, you're probably looking for a quick and easy diagnosis and fix. Read More 

3 Preventative Maintenance Items You Can’t Afford to Ignore

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, most tasks fall into two broad categories: routine maintenance and preventative maintenance. You're probably familiar with most routine maintenance tasks. These to-do items include oil changes, brake pad replacements, and so on. When you perform this type of maintenance, you're replacing things with a well-known expiration date. On the other hand, preventative maintenance involves replacing parts that commonly fail before they leave you stranded. Read More 

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Repair Tips

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van represents the ultimate quality in commercial vehicle design. Therefore, you will want to constantly maintain the van to ensure that it remains at peak performance for a long time. Naturally, the typical car maintenance procedures apply when dealing with this vehicle, but one should be keen on several additional issues. Here are some main considerations you should make when repairing your van. Documentation Routine maintenance should be documented for future reference and your auditing purposes. Read More 

Buying A Used RV? Common Repair Issues You Should Know

If you've recently purchased a used RV, one of the things you should do is have it inspected by an RV repair technician to ensure that it is in sound condition. RVs are prone to a variety of different issues, many of which aren't easily recognized by those who are new to these vehicles. Before you take your RV to a repair technician for evaluation, here are a few of the areas that are commonly affected by age and wear. Read More 

5 Reasons Your Airbag Light Is On

If your airbag light is illuminated on your dashboard, remember that it is a warning light and not just a nice reminder that you have airbags. On some vehicles, your dash light will say airbags, and on other vehicles, it will say "SRS," which stands for a supplemental restraint system. Or you may see a light of a stick figure with a seatbelt on and an airbag deployed. TO learn why your airbag light has been activated, read the following tips below. Read More