Getting Your Car Fixed The Right Way

Protect Your RV Interior From Moisture In The Winter

Winter is a great time to buy a new or used RV. Buying during the off-season can get you a great deal. If you purchase an RV during the winter and don't plan on using it until spring and then storing it each winter in the future, you must take action to control the moisture levels inside the RV. If you fail to do anything to prevent winter moisture, you may open your RV for the first trip of the spring and find that it smells musty. Read More 

Three Reasons To Deal With Your Cracked Windshield Promptly

When the windshield of your vehicle gets chipped by a rock, it's common for the chip to spread until it's a jagged crack that spreads across the glass. When you reach this point, it's important to book a visit to your local auto glass shop to have the windshield replaced. Doing so will give you greater visibility while also ensuring that the glass is as strong as possible. Windshield replacement is a quick process that the shop staff can typically perform while you sit in the waiting area, which should encourage you from booking an appointment before the crack expands enough to compromise your ability to see the road in front of you. Read More 

Maintaining Your Vehicle To Increase Reliability

If you are a new driver, you will soon discover that caring for your vehicle is very important so it works when you need it to. There are several maintenance steps, like scheduling oil changes, that you should take regularly to keep your vehicle in the best of shape. Here is a list of items you should regularly monitor in an attempt to keep your vehicle from experiencing downtime or the need for extensive repairs. Read More 

Three Considerations For DIY Brake Repairs

The brakes on your vehicle are one of the most important components. After all, without proper working brakes, many types of accidents can occur that can potentially be life threatening to you and to others sharing the road with you. If you notice that your brakes are in need of repairs, you may be thinking about making the repairs on your own. However, there are certain things to consider before doing this. Read More 

Answering Common Transmission Repair Questions You Might Have

Without a functioning transmission, your car's engine would likely destroy itself while you were driving. Unfortunately, this critical component of a car is frequently misunderstood by drivers. This can result in them being unsure of how to handle transmission problems when they arise. Once you are armed with the following answers to common transmission questions, you should find yourself in a far better position to have these issues addressed. Will A Severely Damaged Transmission Always Need To Be Replaced? Read More