Checking Your Car Over Correctly

By regularly going over your car and looking for possible issues, you can catch problems right away and have them taken care of before they become big problems. There are some main areas of interest to which you want to pay particularly close attention. The information here will help give you a good idea of just what to look for when you are going over your car so that you can recognize potential problems.

Check the brakes

Sometimes it's obvious that your brakes are ready to be changed. They can let you know this by making a squealing or grinding noise. However, there can be other issues that you have to pay a little more attention to spot. You can get air in your brake lines–when this happens they need to be bled. You can check for this by stepping on your brakes and making sure that they don't go down toward the ground too long before starting to stop the car. If you notice any noises or changes in the feel of the brakes, take the car in and have them looked at.

Look at the tires

If you don't keep an eye on the condition of your tires, then you can end up on the side of the road with a flat tire. Make sure that you check them often for signs of wear or other problems. You don't want to see any lumpy areas or wire showing. You also want to make sure they still have a good amount of tread on them. You can check the tread easily by using a penny. Put a penny between the tread head first. The tread should come up to the top of the President's head. Otherwise, it may be time for a new set of tires.

Check over the windshield

Your windshield is pretty durable. However, it does have its weaknesses and leaving a small chip or crack unchecked can cause it to spread and become a safety issue. If you notice damage to your windshield then it's always a good idea to have it checked. In some cases, a crack in the windshield that's in your line of vision can also make it illegal for you to drive the car until it is repaired.

Pay attention to the gears

When you are driving, you want to pay attention to the way your car runs. If you notice that it is having any difficulty shifting gears then make sure the transmission oil is okay. If it is, you should get the car in right away to have the transmission checked. Letting a problem like this go too long can lead to very expensive repairs.

When you take care of your car and put a few extra minutes into paying more attention to it, you can prevent yourself from running into major repair issues down the road. If you do run into a problem, companies like Aamco Transmissions & Auto Repair may be able to meet your needs.