Getting Your Car Fixed The Right Way

3 Cost-Saving Tips For Long-Distance Car Rentals

There are many reasons for renting a car, from getting to work when your car is in the shop to opting for a more reliable ride for a long road trip. However, renting a car when driving long distances can differ slightly from renting for around-the-town trips. While the process is largely the same, there may be a few additional policies or considerations that you'll need to keep in mind. Read More 

Does Your Car Have A Slipped Transmission? Discover What’s Wrong With It And How To Fix It At The Auto Repair Shop

Are you having a difficult time with your vehicle? The problems you're experiencing may be caused by what is often referred to as a slipped transmission. The slipped transmission prevents the car from performing as it should, making it difficult to use due to a lack of reliability. When dealing with a transmission issue, you should book an appointment with an automotive repair shop to diagnose and treat the problem. Read More 

How Long Can You Wait To Service A Check Engine Light?

Your car's check engine light is often the first indication you'll receive that there is trouble under the hood. This light illuminates when your car's computer detects something out of the ordinary with your engine, exhaust system, transmission, or another critical component. This light is essentially the front end of a larger diagnostic system, alerting you to the presence of one or more diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). In other words, your check engine light turning on doesn't tell you much. Read More 

3 Times You Can Have A Bull’s Eye Chip Repair On Your Windshield

Bull's eye chips are a common type of windshield damage. These chips are small and round; they are often caused by a stone or hard object hitting the glass. Typically, some of the glass in the center of the chip comes out. These chips are usually easy to fix if you use a professional auto glass repair service. However, like any windshield damage, some chips aren't fixable. When can you have a bull's eye chip repaired? Read More 

The Top Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting An Automotive Technician Job

Has the thought of becoming an automotive technician been lingering on your mind? If you love vehicles and enjoy working on them, you may look forward to doing this job for a living but aren't exactly sure how to make that happen. With these simple tips, you will know the specific steps you should take to improve your chances of getting hired for available auto technician jobs so that you can begin an exciting journey and start a rewarding career in the auto industry. Read More