Does Your Car Have A Slipped Transmission? Discover What’s Wrong With It And How To Fix It At The Auto Repair Shop

Are you having a difficult time with your vehicle? The problems you're experiencing may be caused by what is often referred to as a slipped transmission. The slipped transmission prevents the car from performing as it should, making it difficult to use due to a lack of reliability. When dealing with a transmission issue, you should book an appointment with an automotive repair shop to diagnose and treat the problem.

Testing the Vehicle with a Diagnostic Scan

A technician from the automotive repair shop will complete diagnostic testing on the vehicle to ensure the problems you're dealing with are caused by a slipped transmission. Using specialized equipment to scan the car will give the technician an idea of what is wrong with your vehicle and why you're suddenly having performance-related issues. Therefore, completing a scan before working on the car is crucial.

Identifying the Source of Your Car Problems and Completing the Auto Repairs

After completing the scan, the auto repair technician can thoroughly examine your vehicle and identify the primary source of your car problems. For example, a slipped transmission can occur for a few reasons, such as damaged gears, a broken torque converter, or a faulty transmission control solenoid. If you haven't recently had your car serviced, your trouble with the transmission may be caused by more than one of these issues, meaning repairs are imminent.

Most transmission repairs involve fixing faulty components or removing damaged and broken pieces before installing replacement parts. While some problems are less severe than others, any significant damage to a transmission may require more work and result in your vehicle needing an entirely new transmission to continue running.

Get Your Car Tested and Repaired at the Automotive Repair Shop

You need a functioning transmission to continue using your vehicle without worrying about breaking down and getting stuck somewhere. If you have a slipped transmission and have noticed your car is causing you problems, bring it to an automotive repair shop for a diagnostic scan and to have the vehicle worked on based on the findings. Sometimes, the fix is relatively simple and requires minor repairs, such as replacing a damaged solenoid. However, there are instances in which the damage is more severe, and you would need major repairs to get your car to run as smoothly as before. Whether you need minor or major repairs, a skilled technician at the automotive repair shop can complete the work your car requires, ensuring you can drive it again without worry.

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