Preventable Cause Of Transmission Damage

Transmission damage is one of the most feared car issues. Fortunately, most of the things that can damage your car's transmission are preventable. Here are some of the preventable causes of transmission damage.

Wrong Transmission Fluid

Auto transmission fluids differ in their temperature ranges, durability, viscosity, and oxidation abilities, among other things. Every transmission system is designed to work with specific transmission fluids. Using the wrong transmission fluid can damage your transmission system. Your car's owner's manual should tell you the type of transmission fluid to use to protect your transmission system.

Heavy Towing

The transmission system links the car's engine to the wheels for the transmission of power. Thus, the transmission bears the entire load of the car, which includes the weight of the car doing the towing plus the weight of the load being towed. Every car has a weight limit that it can safely tow. If you exceed this limit, you risk damaging various parts of the car, including the transmission. The towing capacity of your car is indicated in its owner's manual (of which there are soft copies online).

Ignoring Transmission Service

Every car requires regular servicing. Sensitive parts of the car have specific schedules for servicing. For example, car manufacturers often specify how many miles you can go before changing the transmission fluid, which is part of the transmission service. If you don't service the transmission system, it can overheat, experience accelerated wear, and even fail without warning. In addition to the manufacturer's advice, your mechanic should be able to advise you on when to take your car for regular service.

Poor Driving Habits

The way you drive also determines the durability of your car's transmission system. Here are some examples of driving habits that can cause transmission damage.

  1. Resting your hand on the gearstick – this increases the pressure on the gears and increases their wear and tear.
  2. Overloading the car – this increases the load on the transmission system; the effect is the same as towing a heavy load.
  3. Riding the clutch – this increases pressure on the clutch plates, which increases wear and tear. This only applies to cars that have a standard clutch.
  4. Using the transmission to park instead of the parking brake – this also increases the wear and tear on the transmission system.

The habits above are just four examples; there are other driving habits that can damage the transmission. Learn how to drive properly and make it a habit to drive properly at all times.

Hopefully, you won't experience transmission damage anytime soon. Consult an auto mechanic as soon as possible if you do notice signs of transmission problems.

For more information, contact a company that offers auto transmission services.