Answering Common Transmission Repair Questions You Might Have

Without a functioning transmission, your car's engine would likely destroy itself while you were driving. Unfortunately, this critical component of a car is frequently misunderstood by drivers. This can result in them being unsure of how to handle transmission problems when they arise. Once you are armed with the following answers to common transmission questions, you should find yourself in a far better position to have these issues addressed. Will A Severely Damaged Transmission Always Need To Be Replaced? Read More 

How To Fix A Flat Tire

A flat tire will prevent the car from being able to move and cause you delays. You cannot drive on a flat tire, as it will ruin the rims and potentially cause other issues with the alignment to be off. Changing a flat tire is fairly easy and can be done by following the steps outlined below in this step-by-step guide. 1 – Start by parking the car in a safe place that is out of the way of oncoming traffic. Read More 

Choosing Brake Pads To Match Your Driving Style

You may not know that when you take your car in for brake service, you have a choice in the type of brake pads installed on your car. Most auto shops use a standard brake pad that is good for average road conditions and driving. But you may have a special need for which a different kind of brake pad would work better. Here are the choices you have the next time you have brake work done on your car. Read More 

Troubleshooting Tips For A Hard-Shifting Automatic Transmission

When you're not familiar with the inner structure, the function of your car's transmission can be mystifying. Unfortunately, it can also leave you stranded if you're not able to recognize early signs of trouble. When it comes to automatic transmissions, one of the most commonly overlooked signs of trouble is hard shift response. If your car's transmission isn't shifting smoothly anymore, it may be a sign of a problem. Here are a few things you should check out when your transmission starts shifting too hard. Read More 

Get More MPG With These Car Repairs

Do you feel like you have been spending more than usual to fuel up your vehicle? If so, this could mean that your car needs to be serviced and repaired. There are many repairs and upgrades that can help increase the MPG your vehicle gets on the road, which you will want to take advantage of. So if you want to save money on fuel, be sure to obtain services like the following: Read More