Telltale Signs Of Dirty Auto Air Filters

The air filter is one part of the car that most drivers don't give much thought to, but did you know that it has a huge effect on your car's performance? This is because your car's engine needs clean air to operate efficiently, and it is the filter that cleans the air entering the engine. That is why you should be aware of the signs and symptoms of a dirty air filter, which include things like: Read More 

Things New Truck Owners Need To Learn About Truck Maintenance

Don't wait until your truck fails before you start thinking about maintenance. By the time your truck fails, there's plenty you'll have lost with little hope of recovery. Trucks are heavy-duty vehicles and therefore, are usually called upon to do the heavy tasks. This means that there's, perhaps, a greater need to ensure that the truck is in a good state of maintenance. If you're a new truck owner, there are a few things you should have in mind as far as maintenance is concerned. Read More 

3 Maintenance Tips To Help Reduce Fleet Breakdowns

If your company relies on a fleet of trucks to provide products and services to consumers, then having trucks that are constantly breaking down can be bad for business. Fleet maintenance is critical to the success of your company. Spend time performing routine maintenance in order to extend the life of your fleet vehicles and ensure that breakdowns don't leave you without the ability to service your customers in the future. Read More 

5 Radiator Problems That Can Sideline Your Vehicle

Your car's radiator has a crucial job: to dissipate the constant barrage of heat generated by the engine. Having your radiator fall down on its job can result in potentially catastrophic an expensive damage to your engine. Keeping these problems at bay requires knowing how to identify them early on so preventative measures can be taken to protect your vehicle. The following talks about five common radiator problems that could leave your vehicle on the roadside. Read More 

Three Reasons Why You Should Always Repair A Semi Right Away

A semi truck in disrepair is a disaster waiting to happen. Semi repair is more necessary than just about any other vehicle on the road needing repair. If you are a semi owner or a driver, you need to make repairs as soon as possible. Here is Why. Kinetic Energy Says You Will Never Stop in Time In science, kinetic energy is the type of energy whereby an object in motion can act upon another object to cause the other object to move. Read More