Simple Driving Techniques That Will Reduce Your Risk of Damaging Your Vehicle in an Accident

When you're a driver, one of the last things you want to be in is a serious accident. However, it's important to be just as conscientious about avoiding smaller collisions on roads and in parking lots as it is to avoid being in accidents on the highway. Small accidents that cause minor dents or scratches might not be enough for you to risk paying your insurance deductible and raising your rate over, which means that you'll likely take care of paying for the repair bill at your local body shop yourself. Read More 

How To Replace The Plastic Housing For The Thermostat On A BMW E36 Series Car

A recurring problem with the BMW E36 Series vehicles is that leaks can develop around the housing for the thermostat. This will cause you to lose coolant and can lead to overheating problems with your vehicle. What typically happens is that the plastic thermostat cover will warp over time and create little openings along the seams that are difficult to seal. To adequately fix the problem, you should replace the plastic cover with an aluminum one. Read More 

Clutch Failures: Ways To Avoid Them

Clutch failures can happen without warning, but the repairs can be so expensive. It's time to keep the failures from happening, and that all comes from good maintenance. Here are three tips to avoid clutch failures in your vehicle. Stop Loaning Your Car Allowing people to borrow your car is putting your clutch at risk. Not everyone is comfortable driving a manual vehicle, and they can cause damage when they attempt it. Read More 

Stick With The Real Deal: 3 Tips To Help You Avoid Counterfeit Car Parts

Your car is one of your biggest investments so you want to make sure it's well-taken care of. That means choosing the best parts when it needs maintenance or repairs. That can be difficult to do, especially with so many counterfeit car parts being sold. So, how to do you spot a counterfeit? And, how do you ensure that they're not being put on your car? Here are three tips that will help you avoid counterfeit car parts. Read More 

Things To Know About Suspension Problems In A Vehicle

Have you noticed that your vehicle has been shifting to the side a lot while you are driving? It is possible that a part of the suspension system is in need of a repair. In this article, you will find out about a few of the issues that point to the suspension system in a vehicle needing the attention of a mechanic. Unexplained Wobbling from Wheels If the suspension system is the reason for your wheels wobbling, it is possible that you need to get the tie rods to the steering system replaced. Read More