When To Consider Taking Your Car To The Shop For Brake Repairs

Auto brake services should be part of your regular upkeep on your car or truck. However, there are times when your brakes may start to exhibit some issues that may be a sign they need an inspection and some replacement parts. Knowing when to take your car or truck in for service is essential, and some indicators will help warn you of a potential problem. 

Poor Brake Performance

The brakes in your vehicle can lose effectiveness, and the brake pads wear out with use. The material scuffing off the brake pads can get into the moving parts and start to gum up the brakes. Additionally, the surface of the brake pads can glaze over from heat and friction, becoming less effective at stopping the vehicle. 

As the wear continues, you may find it harder to stop the car, and the situation worsens as the brakes heat up. Taking the car in for auto brake service is the best way to determine what is causing the problem and make the necessary repairs to the system. 

Typically, the brake system will stand up to wear and tear fine, but the wearable parts like pads and shoes will need changing over time. If the pads wear too far down, the metal backing plates on the brake pads can start to scuff the rotors, causing replacement brake pads to be necessary.

Brake Noise

When the brake pads start to glaze from heat, the surface can begin to make a squealing noise that you may notice every time you apply them. In cases where the pads have worn enough to cause metal contact with the rotor, the sound may be metallic grinding.

The noise is not a definitive sign of wear but does indicate that something is going on and that the brake system needs inspection. Metallic sounds sometimes occur because a spring or retainer is loose and moving around inside the brake system. However, these parts can do as much damage as worn-out brake pads, so any abnormal sound needs checking. 

Inspecting the brakes only takes a few minutes, and most auto brake service centers don't charge you for the work. If the technician finds an issue with the brakes, they will show you what is wrong and let you know what is necessary to repair it. 

You can also take your car to your local mechanic or favorite shop and have them service the brake system if you choose. Some brake shops will offer discounted brake service several times a year, and if you have not had the system checked in a while, this can be an excellent time to have the brake inspection and service done.  

Contact an auto brake service center for more information.