3 Times You Can Have A Bull’s Eye Chip Repair On Your Windshield

Bull's eye chips are a common type of windshield damage. These chips are small and round; they are often caused by a stone or hard object hitting the glass. Typically, some of the glass in the center of the chip comes out.

These chips are usually easy to fix if you use a professional auto glass repair service. However, like any windshield damage, some chips aren't fixable. When can you have a bull's eye chip repaired?

1. The Chip Doesn't Go Through the Glass

Most bull's eye chips lose some glass; however, they don't typically go right through your windshield. It will lose a tiny bit of glass at the center of the chip, but this is usually surface damage.

If your chip doesn't go right through your windshield, then you can usually have a repair. Your technician can fill the chip with a special resin and then sand it down to restore the area.

However, if the chip goes through all the layers of glass in your windshield, then it might be too compromised to repair. You might need to replace your windshield instead.

2. The Chip Doesn't Interfere With Vision

When you have a bull's eye chip repaired, your glass can look like it's new. An experienced technician makes your windshield strong and stable again. You can't usually easily spot where the chip was.

However, some repairs do leave behind some damage. The glass in the chipped area might look a little hazy when you look through it.

This isn't a problem in most parts of your windshield. However, if the chip is in your driving line of sight, then your technician will assess if the repair will affect your vision. If it won't, then they'll go ahead. If it will, then you might need to replace the windshield.

3. The Chip Is New

Bull's eye chips are usually easy to repair because they don't spread as much as other chips. Their damage is contained in a small circle.

However, this doesn't mean that you should leave this kind of chip as it is. It's a lot easier to repair a new chip than an old one.

If you don't fix a chip fast, then dirt can get inside it. If this dirt builds up, then it will put pressure on the edges of the chip. This pressure might make the damage spread so far that you need a new windshield. It's a lot cheaper to fix a chip early than to pay for a full replacement.

To get a fast bull's eye chip repair or a replacement windshield if you need it, take your car to an auto glass shop.