Repairing Your Car’s Damaged Glass

The windows of your car can be some of the parts of the vehicle that will be the most vulnerable to suffering significant damages due to debris striking them. When a car suffers glass damage, the vehicle owner will need to undertake repairs to prevent the problem from worsening. However, it is common for car owners to be unsure as to what the steps in the repair process will involve.

The Damage To The Glass Will Be Assessed

The first step in the repair process will be to evaluate the damaged portion of the glass to assess whether or not it will be suitable for repairs. In some cases, the glass damage may be too deep or otherwise severe to support being repaired. This is due to the limitations of the repair resin as severely damaged glass may not be able to be suitably reinforced by the resin.

The Surface Of The Auto Glass Will Have To Be Thoroughly Cleaned

Before the repair resin can be applied to the glass, it will have to be thoroughly cleaned. Failing to clean the glass can prevent the resin from being able to bind to it, which can contribute to the repair not being as durable or effective as may have been hoped. For this reason, a repair service will start this work by thoroughly cleaning the glass to remove any dust or other debris from it.

The Repair Resin Will Be Injected Into The Crack Or Chip

After the glass has been cleaned, the repair resin can be injected into the crack or chip so that its structural integrity can be restored. This will require specialized tools as the resin will need to be injected as deeply as possible into the damaged area of the glass. Otherwise, there could be visible air pockets in it that could also create weak points in the glass. Being able to effectively apply the repair deep into the crack can be one of the more challenging aspects of this work when a person is attempting to repair their own vehicle's auto glass damage.

Any Residual Resin Will Be Cleaned Off The Glass Surface

Unfortunately, it can be possible for some of the repair resin that is applied to the crack or chip to get on the undamaged portions of the glass. This resin will need to be cleaned as quickly as possible to prevent it from drying on the glass as this will create a permanent blemish on the glass. Professional auto glass repair technicians can have solvents that will allow them to easily and thoroughly remove the resin that may have gotten on the glass surrounding the chip or crack.

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