3 Benefits Of Rebuilding Versus Replacing An Engine

When an engine approaches its lifespan limits, it regularly malfunctions, resulting in frequent engine repairs. 

When you get to that stage, mechanics usually recommend replacing the engine instead of continuing with frequent repairs. Nonetheless, you can also rebuild an old engine instead of buying a new one. Rebuilding an engine involves:

  • Dismantling the engine piece by piece
  • Assessing every piece/component for any damages
  • Replacing the worn-out or damaged parts with brand-new ones
  • Re-assembling the engine and installing it back in the car 

Most people prefer replacing their engines. But, rebuilding it can provide more benefits than buying a new one. Here are three reasons to consider rebuilding an old engine.

1. Rebuilding Is Cheaper Than Replacing 

A key factor to consider when deciding to replace or rebuild is how much it will cost. Typically, rebuilding an engine is less expensive than buying a new one. For instance, replacing an old engine costs between $4000 and $7000, depending on its displacement. On the other hand, rebuilding an engine costs between $2500 and $4000

The above figures show that replacing an engine costs almost twice as much as rebuilding. Thus, if you want to save money, it's better to rebuild the old engine instead of replacing it. 

2. Rebuilding Improves the Engine's Longevity

If you own an old car, the manufacturer probably no longer makes new engines for that model. Furthermore, finding a secondhand engine for an old car model may not be easy. So, replacing an old or vintage engine may not be viable. 

But, if you love your old/vintage engine, you can use an engine rebuilding service to extend its lifespan. During an engine rebuild, a mechanic replaces all the worn-out, faulty, or damaged components with new ones. Hence, the new parts give your engine a new life and enable it to have an extended lifespan. 

Opting to rebuild an old/vintage engine is a more practical option than buying a new one. 

3. Rebuilt Engines Often Perform Better Than New Ones

If you have a tuned engine that has reached its lifespan limit, replacing it means you have to spend more money on tuning the new engine. But, if you opt to rebuild the old engine, you can keep all the engine modifications. 

Even if you don't have a tuned engine, a rebuilt engine can provide better performance than a new one. New engines have a breaking-in period before their full potential becomes unleashed. Until the new engine breaks in, it will not provide the same performance as your old engine. 

Rebuilding an engine not only rejuvenates but also improves its performance. Hence, if performance is a significant concern for you, rebuilding is better than replacing an engine.

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