What You Should Know About Getting Your Car Repaired Under The Extended Warranty

Buying a new or used car from a dealer that offers additional warranties for vehicles after the manufactures warranty ends can help reduce the risk that the vehicle will suffer a significant breakdown and not be covered. The extended warranty often covers many larger items like the engine, the transmission, and other parts, but finding a mechanic for extended warranty cars is vital if you need a repair.

Getting Warranty Repairs Completed

In many cases, the extended warranty you purchased for your vehicle is managed through a third-party warranty company, so getting the repairs approved is often different than when you are dealing with the manufacturer's warranty. The warranty company may require you to use an approved mechanic for extended warranty cars to ensure they can submit the estimate and billing properly to the warranty provider. The warranty service often has a list of shops that they work with, and the dealership you purchased the car and warranty through is usually on the list. This makes it easier for the consumer if you are still in the area because you can go back to the dealer for the repair work required, and if you are not, you can find a dealer or repair shop that works with the warranty company where you live now. 

Extended Warranty Fees

The extended warranty on your car will often come with a deductible that must be paid when you have work done on the vehicle. In some cases, the deductible is small compared to the repair cost, and other times it may be more practical to pay the bill and submit it to the warranty company to apply against the overall out-of-pocket expenses that are on the plan. When you take your car to a mechanic for extended warranty cars and trucks, they can diagnose the problem. The service advisor or the shop manager will work with the warranty company to determine if the repair is covered. The manager will then sit down with you to explain the repair needed and let you know how much it will cost and if the warranty company will cover the cost. You will need to pay the deductible up front for many repairs, and the warranty company will pay the remaining balance after the work is completed. Some warranty companies will pay the entire bill for you but require you to send the deductible to them directly. If you are not sure how your extended warranty works, check the paperwork you received with the warranty, or call and talk to a customer service representative who can go over the process and help you understand how to use the warranty you paid for. 

Contact a repair shop in your area to find a mechanic for extended warranty cars.