Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Repair Tips

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van represents the ultimate quality in commercial vehicle design. Therefore, you will want to constantly maintain the van to ensure that it remains at peak performance for a long time. Naturally, the typical car maintenance procedures apply when dealing with this vehicle, but one should be keen on several additional issues. Here are some main considerations you should make when repairing your van.


Routine maintenance should be documented for future reference and your auditing purposes. Commercial vehicles are often given to different drivers depending on your staffing. Therefore, every person who uses the van should document any repairs to assist the others in performing future maintenance. 

Continuous Monitoring

Preventive maintenance is an essential concept when dealing with any machine. Your van's repairs will be less cumbersome if your driver listens to the noises coming from different components. For example, 'rumbling' noises when driving indicate that your torque converter is about to fail or your transmission fluid level is low. Lock-up clutches in the torque converter can wear out and produce such noises. Ensure that the repairer installs high-quality parts, especially for the torque converter, to make it durable.

Apart from noises, physical inspections are also crucial in the preventive maintenance of your van. For example, tar emanating from the fuel injector area shows signs of escaping combustion gases. Therefore, any repairs involving the injectors should involve a physical examination of the copper seal rings to ensure they are in order. Worn-out rings allow combustion gases to escape, which can make your engine lose energy. Sometimes, you might need to replace the injector or cylinder head depending on the extent of the damage. 

Timely Fixes

It would help if you always serviced simple things like parking cameras, active brake assist, blind-spot assist, and cruise control. The van's design is such that these features improve the driver's ability to maneuver the van. If your blind-spot assist fails, you risk running into other cars and objects, thereby needing additional repairs. Timely fixes will help prevent minor issues from escalating into problems that cause you to leave your van at the auto shop for a while. 

Talk to the Dealer

Dealers are the most resourceful people in matters regarding repairs. Your dealer uses the latest technology depending on your vehicle's model. Therefore, your dealer stands the best chance at successfully diagnosing your vehicle or recommending repair procedures. It would help if you kept in touch with your dealer and always consider their opinion before making any repairs. 

Sprinter vans are a good bargain, and you can ensure your van's performance remains optimum through proper documentation, continuous monitoring of noises, timely fixes, and consulting with the dealer. Keep these in mind when looking for Mercedes-Benz Springer van repair services.