5 Reasons Your Airbag Light Is On

If your airbag light is illuminated on your dashboard, remember that it is a warning light and not just a nice reminder that you have airbags. On some vehicles, your dash light will say airbags, and on other vehicles, it will say "SRS," which stands for a supplemental restraint system. Or you may see a light of a stick figure with a seatbelt on and an airbag deployed. TO learn why your airbag light has been activated, read the following tips below.

System is Deactivated

Your airbag light may be on because the airbag system has been deactivated. There are a number of issues that could cause the system to deactivate. The crash sensor may have been deployed. Or the airbag component may be damaged. Or the sensor that actives that an airbag in the passenger seat may be faulty.

Seat Belt Issue

Another reason your airbag light may be on is because of a seat belt issue. If you don't put your seat belt on, this can cause the airbag light to come on, as your seat has a sensor that lets the airbag know someone is sitting in the seat. It is like a warning system that something is either wrong with your seat belt or the sensor.

Small Car Accident

You can get into a small accident, such as a fender bender at low speeds, and your airbags will not deploy. However, just because your airbags didn't deploy doesn't mean your vehicle doesn't know it was in an accident. The crash sensors may be activated, and this can cause them to turn on. To get your airbags to work again, you will need to have the crash sensors reset by a mechanic.

Big Accident

If you were in a big accident and the airbags deployed, you need to do more than just replace your airbags. You need to get a technician to replace the seat belt pretensions and the crash sensors as well. Additionally, the airbag monitoring unit is going to need to be reset as well. You will need to have the whole airbag system reset and potentially replaced, not just the airbag, for things to work again.

Water Damage

Finally, your crash and airbag system is not well protected, but they can get damaged as well. Water can get inside of your airbag system and can corrode your crash sensors. If the sensors get corroded, they will not work properly, and eventually, the warning light will come on.

When you see this light, you need to get it investigated right away. Your airbags keep you safe in an accident, and you want to ensure they are working. Your auto repair shop should be able to figure out what the light is engaged in and fix the issue.