2 Things Not To Do When Your Car’s Windshield Is Cracked

If an object struck your windshield while you are driving down the road, the impact may have caused a crack in the glass. While you are deciding what to do about the problem, make sure you do not take the following actions when you have a crack in your car's windshield.

1.  Don't Attempt to Fix It Yourself Using Household Items

Especially if the crack does not seem to be too long, you may decide to go online and research ways you can fix the damage yourself. You may even run across a few suggestions for using household items such as super glue or clear nail polish to fill in the crack, thinking either would be an economical and easy way to repair the glass.

However, using such homemade fillers as super glue or polish will not repair the damage. While it may fill the crack, the filler will do nothing to keep the broken pieces of glass together.

Using any filler other than one used by an auto glass repair professional may also make the problem worse, as the substance will attract dirt and debris. Not only will this obscure your vision, but any dirt or debris that becomes caught between the filler and glass will put pressure on the edges. This could then make the crack larger.

2.  Don't Put off Having the Crack Repaired

If you have decided against fixing the windshield yourself, you may decide to simply ignore the crack in the glass, especially if it is not in your direct line of vision while driving. However, if you put off having the crack repaired, you will probably wind up with even more damage in the near future.

Once the windshield is compromised, it can no longer fully withstand wind or light objects striking it. If the glass were to come under pressure or sustain a hard impact while it is cracked, you run the risk of having it shatter while you are driving. This shattering of glass could then lead to serious injuries and even cause an accident.

If you have a crack in your windshield, it is better to have a professional deal with the damage than either trying to fix it yourself or simply ignoring that the problem even exists. Take your car to an auto service that offers auto glass repair services so they can assess the damage, and discuss your options for either fixing the glass or replacing the windshield, depending on the extent of the damage.