Truck Repair Tips To Keep In Mind As A New Truck Owner

As you know, breakdowns can happen anywhere, at any time -- even if you own a new truck. It is important to know here that big trucks can mean big repair expenditures. It is better to keep your truck in good shape from the beginning. Here are some truck repair tips that you have to keep in mind as a new truck owner:

1. Preventative Maintenance

It is extremely important to take good care of your truck. Preventive maintenance is going to save you from major repairs in the future. You have to keep a checklist for checking on the small things periodically. For this, take out the user manual and see when service is recommended. In the manual, you will find out about what parts need to be changed or checked and how often.

2. Learn Basic Repairs

This is really significant if you own a truck. You can only take care of your truck if you know some basics. As stated above, breakdowns can happen anytime, anywhere. For this reason, you need to be prepared all the time. It is better to learn some basic repairs so that you can fix small issues on your own.

3. Pump up tires

Keep an eye on your tires all the time. Do not drive your truck with underinflated tires. Low tires tend to lower the gas mileage of your truck and wear them down quickly; they can also reduce the tire's life by about 15 percent. You have to pump up the tires of your truck regularly, and this can be done with an air pump at your local service station.

4. Replace Air Filters

You also have to keep your eyes on the air filters. These engine filters often clog with bugs, dust, and dirt, which tends to lower the fuel efficiency and make the engine work harder. By replacing the air filters, you can increase the gas mileage of the truck. In order to discover the clogged filters, you need to check them after every oil change.

5. Use the Right Oil

This is the most important point -- be sure to use only the manufacturer's recommended motor oil. The oil that you are using should be able to conserve energy. In this way, you can increase the efficiency of your truck.

These are the tips you have to keep in mind if you own a new truck. If you follow these tips, you should hopefully not have to go to a truck repair shop soon. For more information about truck repair and maintenance, contact companies like White Pass Garage.