3 Maintenance Tips To Help Reduce Fleet Breakdowns

If your company relies on a fleet of trucks to provide products and services to consumers, then having trucks that are constantly breaking down can be bad for business. Fleet maintenance is critical to the success of your company.

Spend time performing routine maintenance in order to extend the life of your fleet vehicles and ensure that breakdowns don't leave you without the ability to service your customers in the future.

1. Use remote diagnostics.

Modern technology has made it possible to monitor the condition of your fleet vehicles from any location. You should install remote tracking devices that can record gas mileage, operating temperature, and other vital information that will give you insight into the performance of your fleet trucks on a daily basis.

Comparing reports from remote diagnostic equipment can help you identify potential problems that need to be addressed before they become serious enough to result in a breakdown.

2. Establish a preventative maintenance program.

Preventative maintenance is critical to the health and vitality of your commercial fleet. In order to streamline the maintenance process, it can be helpful to put all your trucks on the same preventative maintenance schedule.

Complete oil changes, transmission flushes, and tire rotations for all your trucks on the same day. This will facilitate tracking and allow you to better ensure that each truck within your fleet receives the preventative maintenance needed to run strong over time.

3. Educate your drivers.

Educated and experienced drivers can be a beneficial asset when it comes to preventing fleet breakdowns. The way in which a commercial truck is driven can influence its performance over time. A quality maintenance program should include an educational component to help improve the driving habits of your employees.

By teaching your employees about the negative effects of hard stops, quick accelerations, and riding the brakes, you can reduce the number of mechanical problems that plague your fleet trucks in the future. Better drivers are able to take care of your fleet vehicles and extend the life of commercial trucks well into the future.

Finding simple and effective ways to reduce fleet breakdowns can reduce your company's overhead spending and increase profits over time. Be sure to incorporate remote diagnostics, preventative maintenance, and driver education into your maintenance routine if you want to extend the life of your fleet vehicles and avoid costly breakdowns that can interfere with the function of your business. To learn more, contact a truck fleet maintenance services company.