Three Reasons Why You Should Always Repair A Semi Right Away

A semi truck in disrepair is a disaster waiting to happen. Semi repair is more necessary than just about any other vehicle on the road needing repair. If you are a semi owner or a driver, you need to make repairs as soon as possible. Here is Why.

Kinetic Energy Says You Will Never Stop in Time

In science, kinetic energy is the type of energy whereby an object in motion can act upon another object to cause the other object to move. The principles surrounding kinetic energy state that the greater the mass and the greater the velocity, the harder it is to stop the moving object (in this case, your truck).  As a driver, you already know that your brakes are responsible for stopping your rig on time. If the brakes are about to go, they will go when you need them most to work. Then the kinetic energy in your truck, combined with its overarching mass, will create far more injuries and fatalities than a truck that has fully functional brakes. 

A Semi Is Responsible for Five Thousand Deaths Each Year

One in eight accidents is caused by a semi truck. Out of those accidents, five thousand people die every year. A majority of these trucking accidents are caused by truck failures that could have been repaired and prevented. All fatal truck accidents result in a lawsuit against the truck driver and/or the owner of the truck. Do not become a statistic because you did not fix what was wrong with your truck.

YOU Could Be One of These Fatalities

Usually, a semi truck driver is not likely to be injured because of the mass of metal surrounding him/her. However, driving over a median barrier and plunging into a ravine or being rammed by another semi truck driver are still possibilities. Those possibilities mean that you could be one of the fatalities in the statistics reported. Taking care of your truck and getting it repaired right away is the direct line to a longer life.

Do Not Tempt Fate

The mass of a semi truck is enough to crush dozens of you. Unfortunately, there is only one of you, and if you die because you did not fix what was wrong with your truck, that is it. No more you, and everyone you know would want to know why you perished under these conditions. Do not tempt fate; semi repair is just plain smart.