Why A Car Might Not Start In A Prompt Manner

Have you stopped using one of your vehicles because it takes too long to start up? There are several things that might be the cause, but you can make a diagnosis basis on the specific problems that are happening. A mechanic might only need to make a simple repair to bring your car back to a satisfactory condition. This article covers common things that can lead to a car not starting up as it should.

There Is an Oil Leak in the Engine

When an engine leaks oil, it can have a bad effect on the functionality of the starter. The reason is the starter being positioned right under the engine. Once the oil makes it to the starter, it floods it out and interferes with how the internal parts operate. In such a case, you might need to get the leak fixed, as well as get the starter repaired before your car will start up in a normal manner.

An insufficient Amount of Fuel Flows to the Engine

It is not possible for a car engine to turnover unless it has ample access to fuel. If the fuel level is low, the engine might have a slight delay in how fast it turns over. Even if you are in the habit of keeping a tank full of fuel, it doesn't mean that it is properly traveling to the engine. You might be dealing with a bad fuel injector, which can be repaired or replaced by a mechanic. The fuel injector is important because it is the part that is used for distributing fuel.

The Starter Motor Wiring Is Not in Good Shape

A car can have a delayed startup or not work at all when the starter motor wiring is not in a good condition. If you have notice any smoke coming from your car when starting it up, it is a sign that the starter motor wiring overheats from being faulty. If the new wiring is needed, make sure the repair is made promptly to prevent a vehicle fire.

An Overheating Engine Is Causing Problems

One of the other things that can cause a vehicle to smoke is an overheating engine, which can delay startup. The engine will only stay cool if there is enough coolant flowing into it. If there is already coolant in your car, you might need to get the radiator inspected to make sure it is able to release coolant. The radiator might need to be repaired, or a replacement will be necessary if it is severely damaged.

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