Clutch Failures: Ways To Avoid Them

Clutch failures can happen without warning, but the repairs can be so expensive. It's time to keep the failures from happening, and that all comes from good maintenance. Here are three tips to avoid clutch failures in your vehicle.

Stop Loaning Your Car

Allowing people to borrow your car is putting your clutch at risk. Not everyone is comfortable driving a manual vehicle, and they can cause damage when they attempt it. You'll get an idea if you can smell burning after they have driven. They may struggle to get into gear, change while on the move or use it when slowing down or getting started.

Avoid loaning your car to keep it protected. You'll also lower the risk of having to claim for anything on your insurance. Clutch burning is especially a problem if you teach someone to drive. They won't be used to the pressure they need to place on the clutch or how to drive properly with it to conserve its life.

Stop Using It When on a Hill

How often do you use the clutch to stop yourself from rolling backwards? You may think this is doing your car some good, but you're wearing your clutch away. Your handbrake is there to stop you from rolling, and then you can just get your car ready as the lights change or the traffic starts moving.

When you press the clutch, you should be getting it right to the bottom for gear changing or coming to a stop. When starting on a hill, you only need to use it for the initial taking off, rather than to later remain stationary on that hill.

It's also worth sitting with the car in neutral when you are stopped. If someone hits you from behind, it will be harder for them to push you forward into traffic.

Don't Go Through All the Gears

Many drivers will go through the different gears while driving. Did you know you can jump them? For example, you can move up from gear 2 to 4 or down from 5 to 3. This will limit the amount of time you put your foot on the clutch, preventing it from wearing out.

You'll also keep the traction on the road for longer, making you a safer driver. It can also help to conserve fuel by block changing.

It's time to take the pressure off your clutch. By doing this, you will avoid common reasons for clutch failure, saving you a fortune in repairs.

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