4 Surprising Things That Can Ruin Your Paint Job

If you just got a new paint job on your vehicle, you are going to want to make sure that you take the steps necessary to keep your paint job looking great. Here are four surprising things that can ruin your paint job that you need to look out for. 

#1 Bugs

You can't avoid them, but you do need to watch out for them. When bugs hit your vehicle, they are not only making it look bad, they are also hurting your new paint job.

Bug's guts are actually acidic; if you leave them on your vehicle long enough, they will cause damage to your paint job by slowly eating it away. Bugs can build up rather quickly when you travel at high speeds on the freeway or take a long road trip. 

You can counteract the build-up of bugs on your vehicle by washing it right after you take a long road trip or on a weekly basis if you frequently travel at high speeds.

#2 Bird Poop

Even worse than bugs on your vehicle's new paint job is bird poop. Bird poop is highly acidic, and can eat away at your paint if left to sit there. The contents of bird poop, including gravel and seeds, can also scratch your paint.

As soon as you spot bird poop on your car, you need to wash it away. You don't have to wash your entire vehicle; just wash the area where the poop is. Use soap, water and microfiber cloth or use a bottle of quick detail formula and a microfiber cloth to clean away the bird poop. Make sure that you don't grind it into your vehicle's paint job as you clean; instead, blot and lift it away. This will cause the least damage to your new paint job. 

#3 Dirty Car Washing Tools

Another surprising source of paint damage is dirty car washing tools. Little bits of dirt, sand and gravel caught in your car washing sponge can damage your vehicle's new paint job. 

You can avoid this first by making sure that your car washing mitt and sponge never touch the ground when you are washing your car and pick up any dirt. Second, after you wash your car, be sure to wash your car's mitt and sponges clean by spraying them down with a hose and then washing them in your washing machine. 

You should also frequently change out your car washing tools. 

#4 Automatic Sprinklers

Make sure that you don't park your vehicle next to any automatic sprinklers. You don't want to let water spots dry on your new paint job; the minerals in the water will bond to your new car paint and leave spots behind.

Try not to park near automatic sprinklers, and if you do, wipe away any water spots as quickly as possible. 

Keep your new paint job safe and looking sharp by avoiding these four surprising things that can ruin our paint job. To learn more, speak with a business like Felix Auto Repair & Towing.