Four Improvements That Will Help Give Your Classic Car Modern Performance

If you have an older classic car that has an original drivetrain, you may be considering modern improvements. There are many things that you can do to an older car to make it more like a modern machine. You may want to consider things like upgrading to modern anti-lock brakes, installing fuel injection and improving the suspension. Here are some improvements that will give your classic car modern performance:

1. Modern Anti-Lock Brakes To Give Your Car Safety And Performance

Many older cars do not even have disk brakes, much less anti-lock brakes. If you want to make your car safer, you may want to consider installing an anti-lock brake system. If you have drum brakes, it is also a good idea to change them to disks. These improvements will make your car safer by giving your more reliable, responsive brakes.

2. Getting Better Fuel Economy And Control With Modern Fuel Injection

Carburetors are the fuel system that was used on classic cars to deliver gas to the engine. Today, there are high-performance fuel injections systems that can give you better performance and control over your fuel delivery systems. Adding fuel injection will allow you to fine tune your car for better performance and fuel economy.

3. Improve Handling With Upgrades To Your Suspension

The suspension of your classic car may also be outdated and in need of improvement. You can add modern suspension systems that can allow you to adjust your car's suspension for the best handling. This can give you more control over your car in turns and reduce problems, such as lack of traction. It can also make your car more comfortable to drive, by making it a smoother ride.

4. Improve Air Flow With Updated Intake And Exhaust System

Improving the air flow of your car can also help with performance. You may want to consider updating the air intake to maximize air flow to the engine. In addition, the exhaust can also be upgraded with better-performing pipes, headers, and mufflers to maximize exhaust flow and give you the most possible horse power out of your engine. These improvements can also make your car sound good when you take it to a car show or to the track.

These are some improvements that you can be sure will give your car modern performance. If you need help with updating your car with these improvements, contact a car repair service to get the help you need making some of these changes. Companies like Dean's Automotive Service Center may be able to meet your needs in this area.