Tips For Choosing Truck Bodies

For service professionals, truck bodies serve as their shop on wheels. It's imperative that this attachment be able to meet your needs. For this reason, selecting a new body for your service truck should be a process that is completed with a great consideration for detail, not in hast. Before choosing a new body, here are just some of the factors you want to consider.


Truck bodies come in open and enclosed styles. Open truck bodies generally have secured storage compartments along the perimeter. The middle portion is open and uncovered, serving as somewhat of a flatbed space for hauling large equipment. An enclosed style is the same in terms of design; however, there is a roof that covers the entire body, from side to side.

Would it be more efficient to have an open-style body or a fully enclosed body style? This comes down to your hauling needs. If you need to transport objects that are sensitive to the elements, then you need an enclosed body style. If not, an open style would likely be sufficient.


Truck bodies are also available in varying material options, including steel and aluminum. They may look similar, but they're different. One area of difference is thermal conductivity, the rate at which heat is transferred. Stainless steel is more prone to thermal conductivity than aluminum. If the contents of your loads are highly prone to heat damage, you probably want to choose aluminum.

However, on the other hand, if you need to transport objects with higher moisture levels, such as used plumbing pipes, you probably want to go with stainless steel. Aluminum is more susceptible to rust and corrosion than stainless steel, which can lead to body damage.


The manner in which the compartments are configured is also important. As always, what's being transported will play the greatest role in the decision making process. For instance, consider the volume of materials being transported. The fewer the different materials, the larger the compartments can be. The more variances in the type of materials, the smaller they need to be.

Even if two truck bodies offer identical storage in terms of space, for someone who needs to transport a large volume of supplies, the body configured with more compartments will be more efficient. The body with just a few large compartments will make it harder to locate exactly what you need on a job site.

When choosing a new truck body (from companies like Metropolitan Truck Center Inc), make certain you're taking your time to ensure you are selecting the most efficient option based on your needs.