Keeping Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning In Top Shape

Even though you may be freezing right now, you can still take steps to keep your vehicle's air conditioning in top shape. When the weather begins to warm up, you will want your cool air ready to go. Plus, taking precautions now can help you avoid costly system repairs later. 

Keep It Running

When it's ten degrees outside, you are not thinking about your air conditioning; however, you should be.  You can protect your system by running it for ten minutes once a week at its coldest setting and highest fan speed. By letting it run, you help your vehicle maintain the proper gas pressure for optimal compressor performance. You should run the defrost for at least five minutes as well. Doing so helps clear out moisture and stop mildew. 

Filter Changes

Although you know that you need to clean and/or replace your home air conditioning filters, you may not think about those in your vehicle. You do need to change those as well, particularly if you notice symptoms such as headaches or respiratory problems when you are riding in your vehicle. Experts suggest replacing them every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, unless you live in an area with poor air quality. In that case, you should consider changing them every 4,000 to 5,000 miles or once every six months. 


When your car stops blowing cool air on a 90-degree day, a likely cause is too little coolant in your system. You can add additional coolant, but if your system has a leak, that solution is temporary. You will need to take your vehicle to an experienced repair professional. You can catch these problems early by having your vehicle inspected once a year for air conditioning issues. Experts can clean your condenser to allow for better air flow into your vehicle. If necessary, they will replace the air conditioning filter as well as inspect for leaks. 

For many vehicle owners, the air conditioner is something to ignore until it stops blowing cold air. You can help maintain your system by performing a few regular tasks. Running your system in the middle of winter is actually helpful to your car. Having the cabin filters changed regularly will help keep you from suffering respiratory problems on car trips. Finally, having a yearly inspection from a company such as Redlands Auto Electric can head off serious air conditioning difficulties. Pay attention to your air conditioner all year long, and it has a better chance of working well when you need it the most.