Simple Driving Techniques That Will Reduce Your Risk of Damaging Your Vehicle in an Accident

When you're a driver, one of the last things you want to be in is a serious accident. However, it's important to be just as conscientious about avoiding smaller collisions on roads and in parking lots as it is to avoid being in accidents on the highway. Small accidents that cause minor dents or scratches might not be enough for you to risk paying your insurance deductible and raising your rate over, which means that you'll likely take care of paying for the repair bill at your local body shop yourself. Here are some driving techniques that will reduce your risk of sustaining vehicle damage in a minor accident.

Keep Your Hands in the Right Position

Many drivers are guilty of taking a lackadaisical approach to holding the steering wheel. The concern with doing so is that when you're holding the wheel in an incorrect way, such as with just one hand, you won't be able to react quickly and maneuver your vehicle to avoid a collision. For example, if you're cruising through a parking lot, you need both hands on the wheel in the proper position to take evasive action when another driver begins backing toward you. The right way to hold the steering wheel is with your hands at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock.

Use Your Backup Camera

If your vehicle has a backup camera, commit to using it. Don't just back up slowly with the hope that you won't hit anything. Even if there are no other vehicles behind you, making contact with a fence or a sign post can cause body-panel damage that sends you to a repair shop. Keeping an eye on the camera's display screen when your vehicle is in reverse increases the likelihood of your backing up safely and without bumping into anything that causes damage to your vehicle.

Don't Suffer from Tunnel Vision

Whether you're cruising home through your neighborhood or looking for a parking spot in the mall parking lot, try to avoid fixing your gaze straight ahead. While it's important to look ahead, you should also be keeping an eye on what's around you. Taking a quick glance out the side windows of your vehicle and checking your mirrors every few seconds will give you an early warning sign of any obstacles that could present themselves. For example, in a parking lot, a runaway grocery cart that could cause body-panel damage can be easily spotted if you're looking around, and you'll be able to take safe and quick evasive maneuvers to avoid the damage.

Of course, you can't always avoid collisions. In that case, take your car to a repair shop such as Stephenson Truck Repair Inc. However, you can avoid a lot of accidents by being a safe driver, so make sure to implement these tips.