Top Signs That Your Transmission Is Having Trouble

If you want to make sure that the transmission in your vehicle is always in the best possible shape, you will want to check out the following top signs of trouble. This way, you will know when it is time to schedule an appointment with a transmission specialist.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

The worst thing you can do when you spot a transmission fluid leak is to ignore it and simply think that this is something that just happens as vehicles age. Sure, you might try to keep up with the fluid levels by checking it and adding more transmission fluid every so often, but that may not always work. You can forget to check or suddenly have a leak that gets a lot worse while you are out on the road. You may not have time to realize that your vehicle is now leaking much more fluid before your transmission is severely damaged.

The Check Engine Light Is On

Sure, the check engine light can indicate a wide variety of problems, but it is important to remember that those problems are not always directly related to the engine. The check engine light can be an indication that there is something going wrong with your transmission. Once the light turns on, call to schedule an appointment with a mechanic that can hook your vehicle up to a machine that can read the codes that the vehicle is giving off. If one of the codes are for a transmission problem, then you will want to take your vehicle to a transmission specialist.

The Transmission Is Shifting Roughly

While driving, whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission, the transmission will shift gears as you accelerate and slow down. This should be a smooth process that you barely notice. The problem might start out as something that only happens occasionally, but it can become more frequent over time. Therefore, if you are feeling a hesitation or jerking sensation when the transmission is trying to shift, you need to quickly schedule an appointment with a transmission specialist. The longer you drive the vehicle with a bad transmission, the worse the problem can become. Something that might have been an easy fix can quickly turn into the need for a full replacement.

With those signs in mind, you should have no trouble determining whether your vehicle has a need for help from a skilled transmission repair shop.

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